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Welcome to Titan Landlord services

We work with landlords, developers and agents of all sizes. Titan offers a range of services from basic property management through to fully tailored packages. We can give an assured rental income for peace of mind, or even completely manage your serviced accommodation property using our existing bespoke and proven systems.
Always evolving with the fast growing serviced accommodation industry to provide the very best and personalised services for all types of property owners and agents. Titan living will treat your properties the same as we treat our own.
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Just some of the benefits of working with Titan Living

True Passive Income

Titan can tailor specific packages to look after as much or as little of the ongoing jobs and hassles involved with property investments. Our aim is to make your life easier.

Assured rental income

We offer assured rental income for property owners whether the property is occupied or vacant. Never worry about rent payments not appearing in your account again.

Additional services

Titan Living offer various add-on services over and above our tailored property management. Just some of the services offered include...

  • Complete property refurbishment 

  • General maintenance

  • Technical support and specialist services such as electrical and plumbing. 

  • Complete cleaning solutions including general property cleaning, end of tenancy cleans, communal area cleaning, sparkle cleans and more. Please see our cleaning services.


As our staff members are regularly 'in the buildings', we can quickly identify, report and solve all types of day to day property issues that may otherwise be missed.

B2B and longer contracts

You don't need to worry about problem tenants who don't pay their rent on time, refuse to vacate your property and try to exploit landlords. Titan Living operate on a professional business to business relationship. We can offer longer term contracts giving you peace of mind and you will deal with us directly.

Property Upkeep

As we work in the serviced accommodation industry it is vital that our units are in tip top condition at all times. So, not only can we work with our partners to get properties up to standard where required, but we take it upon ourselves to ensure that regular light maintenance tasks are carried out as and when they arise. Our aim is to maintain your property to the same or higher standard throughout the entire agreement term.

Economies of Scale

Do you own multiple properties? We can take on multiple properties within a single agreement. What does this mean for you? Well in short, you can secure rental income for many properties without the need for dealing with many different tenants. This saves valuable time and resources for you and allows you to streamline the same terms and systems across many properties.

Section 24 affected landlords

Quite often we speak to landlords that are unaware of the new section 24 (Mortgage interest relief) tax changes that are currently being phased in over a 4 year period. In short this means that many landlords will be unable to offset their mortgage interest payments as a business operating expense for tax purposes. In many cases we can completely do away with the terrible section 24 clause simply by re-structuring how the property owner receives their income.


Some people we have worked with

Jim had terrible trouble with previous tenants. The tenants would consistently not pay their rent and provided all sorts of promises to try and compensate. Needless to say, Jim never did get the outstanding rent and to make matters worse, when the tenants finally left the apartment it was discovered that there was considerable damage done. These tenants had actually kicked holes in plasterboard walls, tried kicking through doors and also kitchen units.

After speaking with Jim we arranged to help out with repairing the damage in order to get the apartment back to its former glory. This particular apartment is now one of the best performing units in our portfolio. More importantly, Jim gets his rent every month on time. He also now knows that we are taking great care with his property and that it will stay in the same great condition moving forward.


Gerald owns several properties throughout Belfast. One of his apartments was purchased from new and it had the same tenant for the previous 11 years. It's always nice to get good tenants, however this tenant, unfortunately had to move overseas. The apartment was still in good condition and only needed some freshening up and minor repairs. Gerald was happy to do some of this work himself with his own people, so we worked on the end design of the apartment and guided Gerald through to completion. 

Once the work was complete we could install our full landlord pack including beds, furniture, smart TV, WIFI, full kitchen stock of utensils, equipment and consumables and the apartment was good to go.

Even though Gerald would have had no problem sourcing another tenant he realised that working with Titan meant he wouldn't have to go through the usual tenant process of advertising, dealing with applicants, trial periods, deposit schemes and of course that anxious period every month wondering if the rent would arrive in his account.


Elaine had regrettably found herself with some financial issues and was facing a repossession with the inevitable bankruptcy. Elaine needed to sell the house quickly and when she found Titan there was very little time to spare. After speaking to the bank on Elaines behalf we were able to negotiate an agreement where we would cover the mortgage cost for a period moving forward. As part of this agreement we got our legal guys to draw up a purchase plan to buy the property within a given time frame. Once all sides were happy we signed everything off. 

What did this mean for Elaine?

Well the the repossession was called off with just hours to spare. This meant that Elaine was ultimately able to sell the property to Titan and avoid becoming declared bankrupt. Structuring the deal the way we did allowed us to move very fast on the transaction.

Elaine has now moved on and thankfully was able to secure new accommodation without a bankruptcy ruling hanging over her for many years.

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